Creating Rarified Environments

At NoviSphere™, we create cleaner, safer work and living environments for a variety of applications and industries. Our comprehensive solutions save lives, reduce health risks, and enable clean operations.

Starting with dependable, proven infrastructure components and UV pathogen elimination technologies, we improve design and installation processes to increase the efficiency and efficacy of our products.

We work with you to customize your rarified environment, and provide ongoing support through installation, monitoring, servicing and testing resources.

Your workplace will be cleaner and safer thanks to scientifically engineered environments that offer improved protection from bacterial and viral contaminants.

We are motivated by the health and wellbeing of individuals and safety for the workers and businesses in our communities.

Our clean environments and UV air pathogen-elimination systems are scientifically engineered to kill up to 99.99% of airborne pathogens, providing you with the highest degree of air purity and contaminant protection.

We use a comprehensive life-cycle approach to address complete environments for any complex, mission-critical requirement.

Our automated design configurator expedites the time, and reduces the total cost required to reach your environmental targets.