NoviSphere™ Installs Three Pathogen-Eradication Units At Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport

First NoviSphere™ PE 254 pathogen-eradication units installed just five months after launch

NoviSphere™, a developer of comprehensive rarified-environment solutions, today announced it has installed three NoviSphere™ PE 254 pathogen-eradication units at Green Bay [Wis.] Austin Straubel International Airport (GRB), just five months after launching the company and product in November 2020. GRB selected the units to help take its "New Level of Clean" initiative to a whole new level.

NoviSphere™ PE 254 pathogen-eradication unit at Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport
NoviSphere™ PE 254 pathogen-eradication unit at Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport

"During the past year, we've invested a substantial amount of time and money into processes, products and equipment to ensure passenger health and safety during the pandemic," explained GRB Airport Director Marty Piette, A.A.F. "The NoviSphere units substantially build on that effort."

NoviSphere delivers scientifically proven UV-C light, together with proprietary baffling technology, to kill 99.99% of airborne pathogens, including the coronavirus. "Recognizing the need for clean, germ-free air in many public settings, we began developing our technology even before the pandemic hit," stated NoviSphere CEO Paul Lockhart, a former NASA astronaut and Air Force pilot. "The advent of COVID-19 upped the urgency of getting our pathogen eradicator into these environments. Our partnership with GRB demonstrates the airport's confidence in our technology and is an important step in helping restore the public's trust in traveling safely."

GRB is the first airport in the country to install the NoviSphere PE 254 systems. Two units are located on the main terminal floor: one in baggage claim and one near the elevator and escalators. The third unit is located on Concourse B. Each ceiling-mounted unit provides continuous pathogen eradication for up to 13,000 cubic feet of volume.

"People are starting to travel once again, and this should provide an added layer of reassurance to them as we get back to a more normal way of living," added Piette.

Brown County [Wis.] Executive Troy Streckenbach said, "Today's announcement shows the airport's commitment to a safe travel environment. Air travel, be it for leisure or business, is an important driver of our local economy, which is why we're pleased to see people flying again. We hope that trend continues as more people are vaccinated and our lives return to normal."

GRB serves all of Northeast Wisconsin and portions of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It is one of only two commercial airports in Wisconsin designated as a Landing Rights Airport by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for international flight arrivals. To learn more, go to: and visit GRB's Facebook page or follow the airport on Twitter.

NoviSphere stands for "new environments." We deliver viral, pathogen and bacteria-free environments for a variety of applications and industries through demonstrated barrier protection and assured environmental quality. Our integrated components and pathogen-eradication systems are based on validated scientific methods that eliminate biohazardous material and other airborne contaminants from enclosed settings of any size, while our rarified, "move-in-ready" environments are designed to eliminate risk and promote occupant health and safety. To learn more, visit, and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Triumph Subsea Services: Collaborative Partnership with NoviSphere™

Triumph Subsea Services is pleased to announce our collaboration with NoviSphere™, a developer of comprehensive rarified-environment solutions. With the current Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing issues associated with managing the situation within a maritime environment, we have taken extra preventive measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our crew and clients.

Triumph’s collaboration with NoviSphere™ is to further develop their advanced pathogen-eradication solutions with a specific focus for integration directly into the vessels' HVAC system. This will initially occur on the Triumph new build vessels and then into the maritime industry in general. We will be utilizing the NoviSphere™ PE 254 on-board our vessels in both standalone units and the newly developed integrated HVAC units.

Read the full release from Triumph Subsea Services

A New Approach to Clean Environments

By Joe Cestari, Chief Operating Officer, NoviSphere

I’ve always been fascinated by technology and its ability to positively impact people’s quality of life. After earning my engineering degree, I was drawn to tech companies with this same focus and objective. Along the way, I became very interested in the holistic approach to the supply chain: building an ecosystem that establishes the most efficient and effective way to design, manufacture, and supply products and services for life-science or microelectronics products that can help solve world problems is highly valuable to me.

This interest has come into play in various positions I’ve held, and it ultimately led to my becoming part of NoviSphere. The notion for creating a new kind of company focused on clean air and environments came about several years ago – long before the Covid-19 pandemic erupted. At the time, while I was an advisor for Integrated Engineering Services (IES), I met up with Paul Jenkins, the founder and CEO of Bancroft Architects & Engineers (BAE), and Phil Lasarsky, CFO of BAE. Paul founded Bancroft in 2009 to design and engineer world-class health-care facilities for veterans. We began to talk about developing ultraclean environments, something that Paul had also discussed with former NASA astronaut Paul Lockhart, who also had a strong interest in the subject based on his own background and experience. This shared mindset was the germ of the idea that evolved into NoviSphere, of which Paul Lockhart became CEO.

Currently, the market for clean environments is highly fragmented. Companies that need to build and operate them face a long road of designing, subcontracting, and tapping multiple resources to integrate a solution that meets their needs. Our vision is for NoviSphere to become a true single source for creating highly rarified environments. As a turnkey provider of design, integration, autonomous monitoring and sustainment services, we’ll eliminate customers’ need to hire separate companies for each of these steps. Instead, our team will consult with them to develop and manage their projects from end to end, using a standard offering of products or one customized for their specific application. When complete, they will have an environment certified to deliver ultraclean, particulate- and pathogen-free air.

We intend to achieve this vision within five years, and we have a plan in place to ensure that we get there – starting with our first product, which we rolled out last week with the public launch of the company. NoviSphere™ PE 254 is our proprietary system that uses 254nm germicidal UV-C light sealed inside the unit to kill up to 99.99% of airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores, continuously monitoring and changing room air up to four times an hour. Our system doesn’t just trap pathogens, it eradicates them, and it keeps the air circulating better than any other product that I’ve seen.

We took a holistic approach to designing NoviSphere PE 254 to ensure that we could deliver the best technology with the highest integrity, while never losing sight of how the product fits into our larger vision. To confirm that it could do what we needed it to, we enlisted the University of Minnesota to conduct independent tests, which verified that 99.99% eradication figure, and we’re proud to be able to stand behind those testing results. Moreover, we expect further testing in the coming year to validate NoviSphere PE 254’s effectiveness to 99.9999999%, or 1 part per billion. This will be a huge benefit for customers – even a 0.0001% failure rate sounds small, but with a lethal virus load, it’s more than enough to be fatal.

It’s exciting to be part of a company that is making this kind of game-changing technology available. Even more gratifying for me personally is the opportunity to participate in helping bring to life complete rarified environments that help keep people healthy and safe. Our next offering, which we look forward to sharing with you in the coming year, will take us further toward this goal. While ambitious, it’s one we’re confident we can bring to fruition, thanks to the talents and abilities of NoviSphere’s team of engineering, management and marketing experts.